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99+% Pure CBD Isolate UK

Out of the heart of Colorado, we bring you the finest quality Cannabis derived Cannabidiol isolate.
Superior quality, 99.9% pure CBD isolate powder is now easier to find in the UK than ever. We have selected a CBD to isolate entirely based on the quality of the product. The Isolate is free of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

What is CBD Crystals or CBD Shatter?

CBD isolate is extracted from the organic hemp plant using CO2 extraction techniques and then a process called ‘winterisation’ to extract the liquid from the hemp plant. What remains is a pure CBD isolate or CBD powder that contains an extremely high percentage of CBD. CBD crystals are formed in exactly the same way- what differentiates the isolate and the CBD crystals is simply the texture the power is used in. This CBD powder product has been carefully selected to ensure that the product is adhering to governmental CBD isolate UK THC guidelines.

What is CBD Powder used for?

In short, CBD powder, CBD Shatter or CBD isolate can be used to add CBD to carrier oils to be used topically (also when mixed or skin creams). A simple use could be to create a CBD Salve or to blend it into a good quality skin care product. Due to its very high concentration, it is one of the most popular products to start with or to make into another CBD product.

Buy Cheap CBD Isolate

We have sourced this product from the US to be sold in the UK. Here at Flora-Fusion, we are inspired by the idea of bringing premium quality CBD to the shores of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. No matter where you look, it is hard to buy cheap CBD isolate in the UK because the product needs to be imported from the USA. In spite of that, we offer exceptional quality isolate for a very reasonable price which is competitive and also available for wholesale.

How to Use CBD Crystals, Shatter & Powder?

CBD isolate is a very useful product if you know how to use it. Usually, CBD isolate is used to infuse a carrier oil or substance into a CBD product (Such as a CBD eliquid). The carrier oil depends on what you are using it for- for instance Olive Oil for multiple uses, or Castor Oil for Hair. our ‘How to Use’ CBD Crystals or Isolate:

  • Place a carrier oil into a large beaker or bowl
  • Boil water in a large pan and place the beaker in the hot water
  • Keep slowly heating the water & stir the oil until it is just below 60 degrees
  • Add your required dosage of CBD Isolate once oil is just over 60 degrees
  • Keep stirring and monitoring the temperature until crystals/isolate has dissolved
  • Remove beaker carefully from the water and allow to cool before usage

CBD Isolate Wholesale

Isolate is used to create other CBD products because it easily mixes with carrier and essential oils. Due to the high concentration and potent nature of the product adding Isolate (rather than adding a decarboxylated hemp plant) is a much more accurate way to add CBD to anything on your own. This is why CBD Isolate wholesale is growing in demand- as CBD supplements are becoming more popular, more companies are needing CBD powders to create their brands. CBD Powder is difficult to get access as wholesale to in the UK – mainly because the product is expensive, it is in high demand and because it is hard to source. We are one of the biggest suppliers of Pure CBD Isolate in the UK and are able to source this product in bulk. Our product is 99% pure and is sourced from the finest producers in the USA meaning that it is some of the best CBD powder that is available in the UK.

Although our packaging can help to protect the product from sun-damage it is best to store away from direct sunlight and in a cool dry place


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